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Our new small size of pot will be available from the beginning of October in our 3 best-selling designs. These cute windowsill-sized pots are 15cm high and 15cm wide, which is the perfect size to hold those little supermarket herb pots. They are mini versions of the three current best-sellers :  the blue hummingbird, pink dragonfly and green butterfly pattern pots. 

We are also unveiling the new collection of pots for Spring/Summer 2018 at trade shows this month. The image below gives you a sneak preview of what's in store next season. It's another colourful, fun collection, but the big difference is that there will be three sizes. Our customers have been asking for different sizes and at last we can introduce them:

Small - 15cm x 15cm 
Medium (o
riginal size) -  22cm x 22cm 
Large - 25cm x 25cm

Blue Hummingbird pots are best sellers!

Our blue hummingbird pots are by far and away the most popular of our designs this Spring! They have overtaken every other pot we sell, in every colour and design. There's something about them that really appeals to customers, whether it's the colours, the hummingbirds, or the folksy style of the design. Whatever the reasons, [...]

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